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Glossary of Computer and Internet Terms
A glossary of computer and Internet terms with definitions that are easy to understand.
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Safe Mode

Safe Mode is used by Microsoft Windows and it is a method of running the operating system on the smallest amount of files needed. Instead of a vendor-specific driver it will use a VGA display driver, which means the monitor will be working in a resolution of 640?80 with only 16 colours. Mice, scanners, printers and other peripherals are also turned off in safe mode and as network files and setting are not loaded there is no Internet access. Safe Mode is used if your computer crashes and you have to re- boot, then you will have to repair any corrupted files using a disk utility program. Safe Mode can also be used if your computer is not performing as usual and you have to work out what the problem is by going into safe mode. You can use safe mode when booting you have to hold F8 down.